Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cold winter nights

It really amazes me that winter just pitched up and decided it is time for cold dark mornings and early sunsets...

Lucky for me, the Leprechaun and I have a TV in the bedroom and can cuddle comfortably - and snugly - while watching a DVD.

We've also been talking about our honeymoon a bit. Pretty cool stuff we're planning. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

What my Leprechaun did for Mommy's Day

Men are known to be great big ogres. They don't remember birthdays, anniversaries or pretty much anything other than food.

This weekend the little Leprechaun phoned his 'Mommas', bought her a potted indoor plant, a card and invited them to the movies to see Dirty Dancing on the big screen. Just to top it off he made a potjie (stew on a outdoor fire or gas cooker) for 6 - and it was delicious.

I must admit that I'm the one that can't remember anniversaries. I can remember birthdays - and I buy great gifts most of the time.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Things people say

Today I took my visiting sister, bro-in-law and child shopping. During the day the conversation turned to my bathroom... yeah I know... pretty weird.

So anyway, the kid said that she needed to go to the bathroom and then my evil side somehow kicked in... I said to her that I didn't like people using my toilet. She then asked where the Leprechaun goes (haha... ). The very smart answer: He has to go outside and dig a little hole and as soon as he is done he has to cover it - just like my cat!

The day goes by and I didn't think about it again until a few hours later when she asked with big eyes where she should go! (haha...) We then explained that I was only joking and that she can use the toilet.

An hour later the Leprechaun used the toilet and she came running to tell me that he was in there! Imagine the good laugh I had about my private toilet that I don't share with my live-in FIANCE.