Friday, June 19, 2009

Dating questions answered

So many questions, so little time! I love getting questions... so keep ‘em coming!
  • Where did you meet your fiance? Was it related to the internet dating or like so many comments I read you need to meet someone in your social circle? Does internet dating work?
We used to work together about 5 years ago – but back then I ignored him as he was a real player and I really wasn’t about to become a number. Then one sunny day (almost 2 years ago) he contacted me via Facebook and we went on our first date (ever) – it took him about 2 weeks to ask me out though. The rest, well, is history.

Social circle... what if there are no eligible guys in your social circle. In my case the guys were either (a) short (b) was dating my friends (c) bored me to tears. Then there is also the little problem of if you date someone in your social circle and you have a nasty break-up... then you most probably will bump into him/her more often than someone from outside your friends’ group.
  • Did dating a whole lot of people make you good at dating and being more sociable? Maybe give you the confidence to put yourself out there?
I don’t think you’ll ever think of dating as recreational again after going on so many dates, but it also has its upsides. You get to meet people and learn to pick up on things that you dislike faster (saving the both of you a lot of time). It also helps you to become a great conversationalist that can get a "dating interview" started.

It never is easy to just put yourself out there – it never was easy for me, that is why I chose to go the online dating route. Apparently I never noticed when guys flirted with me in person (at clubs, bars, etc) either – I guess they felt rejected and decided to not walk up to me to actually talk to me!
  • Did you ever remain friends with some of the guys on the dating web sites or was it pretty much 'let just be friends = dont call me again' - i.e. Can you use internet dating to meet friends?
I definitely met quite a few great guys while being an online dater. Some I really didn’t have anything in common with others were great friend material. I still chat to 2 or 3 of them – never really see them anymore as they are hitched now. I do however still get great tips from them about awesome restaurants!

In the end it doesn’t really matter where you meet your next (or last) boyfriend/girlfriend. The only thing that matters is that you meet the one that makes you happy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spending time together

After almost 2 years of dating the Leprechaun and I are still having fun. We have just had a long weekend and decided to stay at home with my beloved Mr MooKow.

Our first day off, get DSTV on again – after 6 months they might have new programmes one. I watch TSN and Zone Reality... and my Leprechaun... Hallmark, Action and Series.

Day two – there was a day two? I think we washed clothes and stayed in watching DSTV. Lame, I know.

Day three – awesome, we went shopping and had lunch with his mom.

Day four – put up the new clothes line and discover the new blind from Makro has no strings. Very disappointed and iffed off about that blind – returning it this weekend.

Mr MooKow (the cat) enjoyed having his minions around.

PS. Will answer the questions on Friends & Neighbours blogpost on my next post!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Friends and Neighbours

Winter definitely has arrived in all its force. It is dark by 5:30 in the afternoon and the wind has a chill that makes me reach for a jacket.

We have had quite a few hectic weeks at home with my family visiting and we are solidly booked for the next 2 weeks as well. I really don't understand the need to be social during winter. I can think of nothing better than to sit in front of the gas heater with a balnket and my favoutite Jelliebean - while the Leprechaun makes dinner.

We're good friends with our neighbours right next door and for the last 2 years we have shared break-ups, new boyfriends, tragedies and lots of coffee. Last week was definitely one of the saddest days as my neighbour's cat was killed by a speedster in the complex we live in. So, after taking the body for cremation at my vet, we were pretty upset and decided to all just have dinner together - for the first time with the new boyfriend.

So anyway, that is the small talk done. Now for some pearls of wisdom!

I can definitely see that opposites attract (sometimes). The guys are so different with Neighbour being the party animal of note and New Guy being so laid back. It just shows you that even if you dated bad boys in the past, it never is too late to let the good guys win.