Friday, August 31, 2007

Facebook and the dating application that doesn't want to let go

Ok, a few weeks ago I added the Facebook Yes/No dating application... (this was when I was still single)

I uninstalled the application a week ago, but I still get the notifications saying that "somebody likes you". I don't mind the application having bugs, but this is a BIG BUG according to me.

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's all good after date 2

After date 1 I obviously liked C* enough to go on a second date - and obviously he felt the same...

On date 2 it got even better.
Dinner was made by the really cute guest in my kitchen. (Jip, and it was delicious.)Since it was a home date - we watched movies... I now suspect him of being a kissaholic (it could be that I'm the kissaholic, but for the purpose of this blog - it's him).
Obviously we didn't just kiss all the time - we talked too. He actually has good conversational skills... fancy that.

Date 3 has been set - and I can't wait!

PS. we're only sorta kinda seeing eachother - so we are not dating yet.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cloud nine is just another word for euphoria (crazy happy)

I guess you never get too old to get that crazy happy feeling that puts a smile on your face 24/7.

Recently I met up with someone I knew (from before) on Facebook and we did the whole "hi, how are you?" talk and then for the first time ever we chatted and we really just hit it off.

Next logical step... a date of course!

I've had many dates - but this one was just so relaxed and it had conversation and he was just such a cute guy. I really enjoyed the date.

My cat was ok with him - so that is always a good sign. I do value the cat's opinion very much.

The next day was a complete nightmare. I had this smile that I just couldn't get rid of. It felt like I was totally off balance but oh so happy. Yes, I wrote it - so it must be true, I actually met someone that gives me that fuzzy warm feeling.

Don't ask questions, just keep on reading my blog - as I'm sure my more upbeat postings will be just as entertaining as the previous posts!

To be a cautious dater or not…

I bet you have made yourself guilty of throwing caution to the wind when you think you met Mr Right – on a first date.

What if you could just wait a few dates before proclaiming your undying devotion – do you really think that it would make a difference in his life?

What if you get too serious too soon and you awaken the fear (all) men have? (The fear of commitment.)

What if you waited and you realize that he is not The One – don’t you think that you could save yourself from a lot of heartache (by waiting)?

My advice (once again):
Get to know the person. Take your time. Hopefully he’ll stick around because he really likes you (– else, why would you want to date him anyway). What if he actually falls in love with you for the real person you are – would that be such a terrible thing?

Or would you prefer to jump right in and maybe just have him in your life because you are just so damn easy?

What is sexier than a man in a kitchen?

I cannot stress enough that a man in the kitchen is sexy. They always look so adorable in an apron and with that smile they have when they know that you are watching.

Tales of men in kitchens:

A previous ex I dated was a messy cook. Whenever he cooked – he used to dirty up the whole kitchen. I could never understand why… until one day I realized that maybe it was because he knew that somebody would clean it up.

One of the more unsuccessful kitchen gods and I tried to make a milktart… unfortunately neither of us have ever done the tart thing before. Needless to say… the tart didn’t look all that well and neither one of us wanted to be the guinea pig to taste it.

I think the best cook I have ever dated was the Italian. Italians make great pasta. I love pasta – what can I say. Unfortunately I liked his pasta more than I him.

Once I started seeing a chef – but the weird thing is… he never cooked for me. I wonder why.

What makes a kiss perfect?

Is it the soft touch of somebody's lips on yours? Is it the feel good chemicals your brain release?

The shy kiss:
lips only - no tongue

The explorer:
lips with a quick flick of the tongue

The invader (french kiss):
lips and tongue - whatever

The nibbler:
lips, tongue and teeth
no biting - just soft nibbling

The secret weapon:
A combination of all kisses

The Secret Weapon is the kissing technique that will drive anyone insane. It combines the short sweet kisses with the french kissing and nibbler type kisses - at variable speeds... and then add a bit of teaze.

The perfect kiss is just enough to make you want more - so never kiss as if your life depends on it. Kiss because you want to explore and enjoy.

How to have the perfect first date

Yes, the headline is correct. I actually said it on this blog - How to have a perfect first date...

1 x decent person that you are interested in (very important)
1 x venue that you are comfortable at
1 x time of date
1 x plan of action when it comes to dinner
1 x guide with boundaries

The person:
In case said person has not asked you out on a date (but you know he/she is interested) - do the asking out.

The asking out on a date:
Facebook/email/sms/phone person.
Work it into a conversation.
Get answer.
Set date and time.

Restaurant, movies (public places if you don't know eachother)
The "homecooking" home date (if you know the guy)

The intimate home date - at your house:
Dinner... if you aren't a cook, then Woolies is your saving grace else woohooo, you are a homely kitchen goddess.
Drinks... at least make sure you have what he likes in the house.
Dessert... (not you) something sweet (again, not you)

The public venue date:
(If you don't know this one by now you have probably not dated in a long long long loooong time.)

The boundaries (or as like to call it, my book of extreme rules):
I have always advised the no physical thing on a first date to maybe the third date.

The whole "sinister" reason behind my all important no sex rule:
Do you really want to sleep with a guy just because you are high on some chemical your brain has produced - or would you first like to get to know someone?
Maybe after date two you think - what a loser or you think... mmm I do like (still).

Facebook dating - Yes or No

3 days into the Facebook dating application experiment and I'm bored.

Why I don't like it:

  • The whole Yes or No to a photo exercise gets a bit tedious after a while.

  • I've been getting friend requests from these guys.

  • Requests are mainly from married men or guys in relationships.

  • I just don't feel comfortable with FB strangers scoping me out.

Why people might like it:

  • It is free.

  • Sooner or later all the single people on Facebook will try it - thus giving you a wider choice

  • You are anyway addicted to Facebook...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anyone for a bizcard?

What would you do if you got handed a guy's business card?
You have never met him. He lives in your complex. He has obviously seen you entering your house.

This is my take on it.
Don't sent me your business card - I don't want to do business with you.
Thank you for adding your unit number - I'll be sure not to go knocking on your door.

In short guys, if you want to meet a girl in your complex - try introducing yourself in person.

Facebook ... a dating tool?

The Facebook phenomenan has openend up a whole new way of meeting people and being chatted up online.

Facebook groups:
Facebook has quite a few groups dedicated to the singles and to helping them find someone. These groups range from the normal to outrageous: dating in the city, booty call, bringing sexy back...

Facebook applications:
I have discovered a few dating applications - but have not really signed up to any of the. I have however signed up to "YES or NO", but the gene pool is still a bit small in there - so I'll keep itaround and see what happens.

Random Facebook chat-ups:
I have had quite a few of these random guys seeing my picture on a group list and emailing me. Usually just a short message and a compliment - but hey, who am I to judge?

I will try out the Facebook applications in the meanwhile and dedicate some space and time to this.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Male Flirt

Now this was a interesting specimen of the male species to study. He flirts like a girl and effortlessly darts between the girls he flirts with. Some girls might not mind being one of many... but let's say this out loud - no way!

At a birthday dinner, I had the pleasure of meeting one of these flirtatious men.
His modus operandi is:
- smiles into your eyes
- eye contact is direct and lingering
- talks only to you (for a few minutes)
- then moves on
- later, when you think... what ever - he returns to repeat the cycle

I'm sure he has perfected the art of reading body language and tell tale signs like pupils that enlarge...

It was interesting to observe the darting buttefly move by a man.

Monday, August 6, 2007

When your support structure crumbles

In the last 6 months I have made good friends that I can rely on. Friends that are there for me. Friends that I would do almost anything for.

This friend/supporting structure has received a really bad blow this weekend. I have drawn the boundaries and given an ultimatum, either you apologise for the weekend or I cannot have you around.

I know it sounds harsh, but I believe that if you did something wrong, you apologise. If you can't, then you obviously don't care enough about the friendship.