Sunday, August 19, 2007

Facebook ... a dating tool?

The Facebook phenomenan has openend up a whole new way of meeting people and being chatted up online.

Facebook groups:
Facebook has quite a few groups dedicated to the singles and to helping them find someone. These groups range from the normal to outrageous: dating in the city, booty call, bringing sexy back...

Facebook applications:
I have discovered a few dating applications - but have not really signed up to any of the. I have however signed up to "YES or NO", but the gene pool is still a bit small in there - so I'll keep itaround and see what happens.

Random Facebook chat-ups:
I have had quite a few of these random guys seeing my picture on a group list and emailing me. Usually just a short message and a compliment - but hey, who am I to judge?

I will try out the Facebook applications in the meanwhile and dedicate some space and time to this.

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SilverSurfer said...

Hi - interesting topic and actually a lot of these applications now have a lot of users. I'll predict that facebook, myspace etc will overtake the online dating scene soon! With regards to applications and the differences in approaching people on facebook, you should check out some tips on fx I think they are usefull.

hugs and love: Silversurfer!