Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Domestic Violence (part 2)

Domestic violence is not the answer to problems you might have in a relationship. That is a fact.

How do you go on from something like this? Obviously trust has now been lost (and we all know that trust is one of the cornerstones of any good relationship). How will it work if they want to get back together again?

I spoke to both guys and the one is off to get a knee operation and the other has 2 cracked ribs.

I don't think that a relationship that had something like this happen will work - even if they still care for each other. I love the guys, but things will have to change...

Domestic bliss to domestic violence

Last night one of our neighbours in the complex had a very violent break-up...

It started out with some loud yelling and my long-time neighbour being locked out of his home. He then went back and the guys seemed to have a chat but then the music got turned up to hide the increasing volume of their voices. My cat was completely petrified each time sometime got knocked around their apartment. The police arrived almost an hour after both of them left - the one left, to pick up his things today, the other taken to one of his friend's as he was injured.

I just hope that my neighbour will be ok and that he won't move out. I'm just really shocked at the intensity of the violence that erupted from the usually quiet neighbours.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just when I think I'll take a few weeks off from blogging to concentrate only on work and more work, I get spammed by comments - just joking. I really love receiving your comments, it keeps me entertained!

These last few weeks have been quite hectic with work. I have put in quite a few extra hours to make sure everything gets done on time. I don't mind, sometimes you got to give that little bit more - and besides, the company really treats me well.

On the homefront, my F I A N C E has been absolutely super last week - and he knows why. Its not often that you get a man that stands tall. My cat on the other hand, has decided that sleeping on my man's lap and stretching over his laptop is his most favourite thing to do at night. In the mornings he of course gets out of the CAT CAVE to demand his COOKIES.

My mother was in Jozi this weekend and finally met my f i a n c e's family. We also tentavely put down some ideas for the wedding - so ja, the ball will be rolling while I concentrate on Europe.

In the news last week I read about a company in Tehran that will fire all staff that is not married by a certain time. Now that is just plain stupid. Sounds a bit like a shot gun wedding.

PS. I think (scrap that, know) I've got an online stalker. This person has emailed my fiance and has posted a few nasty comments on my blog that didn't get posted - I moderate. I know who you are, if you don't cease your stupid attempts at being an ass, I will have a restraining order slapped on you.

Monday, June 9, 2008

87 days to Europe

Don't count on me stopping counting anytime soon. Europe is coming closer and the days just keep on flying by. has been giving us lots of headaches. My buddy can't book - we tried everyting. We tried both our kt cards, dt cards, booking agents and no cigar.

So if anyone knows what is up with Vueling and Clickair's merger and how to get around this "little: issue - drop me a line!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nowhere slowly

Apparently after you hit 150 days, days just fly right past. I'm now on 95 days and can't wait to get my feet on the plane and onto European soil.

My backpack has the essentials. Unfortunately I cannot take Mr Genie or my F I A N C E... but I'm sure they'll appreciate me even more when I get back!

I'm so excited that I can barely stop thinking of all the things I'm going to see.

BTW. I have waited more than 3 years to finally book. I know that you are asking yourself why - right?
Well, we all know that my previous ex was a bit of a non-commiting, non-decisive person ... and that is why this time I've put down my foot (not even hard) and said that I am doing this. So, in your face MR Maybe Sometime Uh I Dunno!