Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just when I think I'll take a few weeks off from blogging to concentrate only on work and more work, I get spammed by comments - just joking. I really love receiving your comments, it keeps me entertained!

These last few weeks have been quite hectic with work. I have put in quite a few extra hours to make sure everything gets done on time. I don't mind, sometimes you got to give that little bit more - and besides, the company really treats me well.

On the homefront, my F I A N C E has been absolutely super last week - and he knows why. Its not often that you get a man that stands tall. My cat on the other hand, has decided that sleeping on my man's lap and stretching over his laptop is his most favourite thing to do at night. In the mornings he of course gets out of the CAT CAVE to demand his COOKIES.

My mother was in Jozi this weekend and finally met my f i a n c e's family. We also tentavely put down some ideas for the wedding - so ja, the ball will be rolling while I concentrate on Europe.

In the news last week I read about a company in Tehran that will fire all staff that is not married by a certain time. Now that is just plain stupid. Sounds a bit like a shot gun wedding.

PS. I think (scrap that, know) I've got an online stalker. This person has emailed my fiance and has posted a few nasty comments on my blog that didn't get posted - I moderate. I know who you are, if you don't cease your stupid attempts at being an ass, I will have a restraining order slapped on you.

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CupidsReviews Heidi said...

A stalker eh?! That's awesome, i want one. No just kidding. Why are there so many bored freaks out there? What did he/she say to your fiancee out of curiosity? I hope this all works out OK.