Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When man was created...

the best piece was taken to make a woman.

Since getting back to work I have gotten a gourmet sandwich, water, snack and yogurt packed by my new hubby. The lunch thing may not last that long, but I love it!

A great idea on spending time together would be to spend some time together to spice up your lunchbox and take turns in making them (while you supervise).

The wedding

What can I say - my wedding was perfect. We had fun (in the sun). He looked gorgeous in his white shirt and the guests looked a bit sunburned.

Going on a getaway with family and friends can be hard - for someone like me that jealously guard my free time. I loved seeing my loved ones, but all I wanted to do was be on the beach with the brand new hubby.

How old is old enough to get married?

In my opinion, 18 really is too early to think of marriage, maybe 22 is old enough, maybe not. You haven't done anything yet but go to school @ 18. You haven't gone to university or college, nor have you really grown into the person you will be for the rest of your life. Besides... marry young, get kids young @ 18... it just sounds like kids trying to play house with little dolls.

Don't get me wrong, there might be 1 in 50 million that can actually do the get married before your ears dried thing successfully, but... it takes work, patience, experience and a whole lot of other things.

My advice to parents and big sisters and brothers that see their siblings go down this road blindly - send them to this blog. :)

So, I've now been a Mrs for 2 weeks now. Long time if you ask me. I'm back all tanned and brown from our beach wedding in Mozambique. Loved it, had some really beautiful pics taken and my family and friends LOVED my wedding - no stuffy speeches or getting dressed in anything fancy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The ugly truth about dating and relationships

Getting to the stage where you and your new squeeze are finally exclusive (or dating steadily) has its obstacles. The very first being to find a suitable candidate, then having to vie for his/her attention, fighting off the other interested parties, keeping the attention focused and making time to get alone time.

This morning on my way to work one of the local radio stations had a call-in about: "do you trust your partner?". The callers that I heard were women and they seemed to think that it is acceptable to have that nagging feeling that he is up to no good the whole time while he is out of sight. Which is really sad.

Now at the stage of your relationship where the shine of it all has somewhat worn off and you actually do go out without your squeeze - there is always the possibility that some new toy will catch your squeeze's eye. You could now run screaming to a private investigator and frantically trying to access his email and sms messages - or you could stay calm and not become a paranoid freak that will anyway drive your squeeze away.

In the event of your squeeze doing the unacceptable - you will have to make the choice (a) cut them loose (b) scare the living crap out of him/her. If the problem persists (after choosing b) - get that damn third party in a public place with a loud confrontation. Everybody would like to know the scarlet letter wearing, cheap gigolo/whore that cannot keep their knickers on when in the company of decent people.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long distance relationships

The hardest relationship to maintain is a long distance relationship - I know, I tried it once.

Guy dates girl in home country; Visits every 3 months; Telephonic contact weekly; Email contact daily; Girl has admirers and an ex boyfriend that regularly phones;

How to handle the situation:
a) Give her space and don't start a fight about it and
b) you may be seen as not caring enough
c) Or put it out there and
d) push her right back into the ex's waiting arms

Dating Advice?

Anyone have any objections if I convert this blog into a dating advice site (since I no longer date and almost being a married woman)?