Wednesday, May 23, 2007

If you don't like what I write - don't make your problem mine

To all the guys out there thinking this is a personal attack on all of you:

I'm not writing this to bruise your egos. This is a documented posting of my life post a bad relationship. If you had taken the time to read the blog you would've been able to pick this up.

I'm documenting everything. The good dating. The bad dating. Even if a guy was nice, but not the next guy in my life.

So get the hell over yourselves and let me look for the guy that'll make my heart go boom.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

To long distance or not (continued)

Is Ireland too far?

lol, ok I met this guy on the net and I'm meeting him in 1 month. He lives in Ireland, but he is an Afrikaans guy from Jozi.

We chat on GTalk. He phones me. So I do kind of think that he really tries to keep my attention - and I do appreciate the effort... but I'm still very hesitant on the distance thing.

... but I'll see.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Umm, you do what when you’re lonely?

I know, it’s sometimes really hard to stop yourself from over spending or eating when you have the lonely blues. I’m on a diet… I gained more than 10kgs in 6 months! (while dating the ex) I should’ve had someone to stop me, but I was too busy being miserable in the relationship and that I’m so fat.

The BIG lonely appetite
Ok, food is your friend in moderation. Anything that oozes oil and sugar is not good if you have bags and bags of it.

The BIG emotional spending monster
Honey, it’s not worth getting yourself into financial trouble. The high of shopping wears off after a day and then you’ve maxed out your credit card and you have a pile of clothes that you don’t really have space for in your cupboard or would actually ever wear.

The BIG toy buyer
I went to one of ‘these’ parties recently – all in the name of research of course. I don’t know if I was the only person that felt embarrassed by the selection of toys… and the stripper. However, I did note a few huge purchases by girls – huge as in R500+. The girls attending the ‘party’ (that wasn’t newbies like us) was not shy in asking questions. All in all I would say that this was a very informative ‘party’. Now you’re asking – will she go again… ummm, *blush* I think that maybe I’m just too old fashioned!

When do you give up on finding the love of your life?

Ok, I admit, today I'm past feeling blue. I actually feel black.

Lets face it, I have met many wonderful guys online and offline... and there are still a few that I need to meet (that I'm chatting to), but I'm just about ready to accept that as smart and pretty as I am, I might end up being a spinster.

Am I a bit pre-mature in throwing in the towel?
Right now, according to me - I should've thrown in the towel before I met my previous ex. I think I could've saved myself a lot of unnecessary time with a guy that would not be man enough for me.

Let me ask this. How many of you are tired of always dating the wrong guys? By this I mean: the whiner, sleaze bag, anti commitment guy, etc? I know that I am.

What's my plans?
mmm I think I'll just party more. At least I have single friends that are just fantabulous!

Date 17: The perfectly normal Romanian guy

Another coffee date. No wonder I am on a diet.

Mr Romania was a really cool conversationalist. Not a moment of silence - or boredom.

The Explanation:
He was perfectly normal/decent. I just din't feel the spark.

The Verdict:
How about friends?

What to do when you're feeling blue

All of us get those days where we just feel really lonely. Maybe its because you used to have someone in your life that was there when you needed them (or not). Maybe its just because you stopped partying for a single moment and then it hit you like a ton of bricks.

I get those days. I have it today. Yes, I know that I joke about keeping my options open and all that, but I actually would really like to have someone in my life. No, that doesn't mean I'll settle for just any guy... I'd rather feel like today. Thank you.

How to deal with feeling like the loneliest person in the world
mmm right now I feel like eating a huge slice of chocolate cake, but as we all know, I'm dieting. So, I guess I'll stare at a picture of a really nice cake on the internet and try remember just how cake tastes.

But... this is what I usually do after work (when feeling blue):
I pick up a nice dinner from Woolies
Take a long bath
Have dinner in front of the TV
Then switch on my laptop and chat to people
if that doesn't help...
I get into bed
and cry 'till I fall asleep

So, to simplify. Do something when you are lonely to keep your mind busy.