Saturday, September 19, 2009

3 lazy bums in bed

Today the 3 of us (The Genie, The Leprechaun and me) only got out of bed at 11am. I think it is an all-time record for us.

We usually get out of house by 10pm (take into account that we get up an hour before leaving)... anyway... no more late night movie watching :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Will a relationship last across a cultural divide?

This is a pretty tough question to answer especially since my busted relationships were always with people from the same (sorta) cultural backgrounds as me.

I guess it all depends on what is important to you and just how much you are willing to compromise.

In my current relationship:
  • He is English (obviously, being a Leprechaun and all)
  • but he understands my language
  • He is allergic to cats
  • but after 2 years he has conversations (just like me) with the cat
  • I really never liked spending too much time with parentals
  • but I like his and don't mind seeing them (besides... I like Leprechauns)
  • I really hate cooking
  • but I cook for him - sometimes
  • We make decisions together
  • but also have things we do apart
What is important in a relationship and how do you know if it will work for you?
  • Can you see yourself becoming part of a team?
  • Does he/she take your interests/likes/dislikes into consideration before planning something?
  • Do you like his/her skew nose/mouth or teeth - or can you stand that weird laugh?
  • Do you feel special after the newness wore off?

I can't believe I fell in love with a Leprechaun

... words straight from the uber romantic movie, PS. I love you.

I really can't believe that I just happened to find my own Leprechaun on African soil and just happened to fall in love with him. Yep. I'm damn lucky.

I've heard it so many times that obviously I will be doing a post about the question - "Does marriages/relationships across cultural borders work?"... but that is in my next post :)

6 months people - then I get married and become Mrs Deysel-Leprechaun. Pretty cool.