Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meeting the PARENTS...

Meeting the parents is a big step. A huge big scary step (for me). This time however... it was actually fine.

C*'s parents are really nice. (I do have to mention their foreign accents do sometimes make them sound like aliens.) I have been to dinner twice now - and even met the brother.

Unfortunately for C* he had to spent a whole weekend with my family for my school reunion. All the feedback from my family was really good - so I think C* is a keeper.

The next step... meeting all the friends...

Messages that never sink in

Two years... one would think that after 2 years of being turned down the message would've been clear...

I have had an admirer for 2 years now. Unfortunately... this person never gets that we are not meant to be - ever. He has asked me out numerous times. Everytime I say no, he goes into sulk mode... and ignores me (yeah!) but after a week or 2 the cycle starts again.

His modus operandi:
Innocent sms
No response encourages aanother 2 or 3 sms
The 3rd sms will always be another date request
You say... just friends... you get a nasty sms
then the sms stop
a few weeks later... and it starts all over again

I have now resorted to extreme tactics. I have tried being nice, but this has got to stop. I no longer will be accepting any communication from this guy. I will even go as far as barring his number.


Have you ever wondered why you always seem to end up alone and reeling from a rollercoaster relationship?

I used to wonder why I only seem to attract guys that are needy or that have some sort of an "issue". I now know that it is because we cannot let go of the past. We as humans carry baggage until we die ... unless of course you are willing to spend hours talking to a shrink and let go of things that are anyway beyond your control.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

A recipe for love


Talk about stuff. Your life, work, childhood - as long as you talk.

Attention. Attention. Attention.
Yes, you will have to pay copious amounts of attention to eachother.

Activities TOGETHER.
Movies, talk, picnics etc.
Spending time together will either cement a bond or drive you apart very quickly.

The all important HONESTY factor.
If something your new love does drives you insane... address the issue.
If you're not in the mood to see your love interest - speak out.

Mix all ingredients together and pay attention.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Date 3 - 4... who would have guessed

Who would've guessed that after date 3 I would fall for yet another Irish guy? Definitely not me.

We have now changed our Facebook Dating Status to say "C* is in a relationship with S*" , so, it is official - I can no longer be a serial dater. Do not fear, I will still be writing this blog.