Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lessons of Life

One of the earliest lessons I learnt was from some guy that was madly in love with my sister (and that she was not even interested in).

We were all out with my parents on a 4x4 excursion and this guy tagged along. My sister completely ignored him and I felt sorry for him. We chatted quite a bit.

Then at the end of the day before he went home heartbroken he uttered one of the most profound lessons.

He said something like, "you are perfect, perfect personality, beautiful and I wish I had feelings for you". It might sound a bit harsh, but the jist is that no matter how perfect you are, sometimes you just aren't the one.

Men in Ties TM

Ever wondered why men put on ties even though (we know)they don't like it? Really, how comfortable can it be to walk around with a noose around your neck?

At the last year-end function I had a good chuckle at the men tugging at their ties. A hour into the night most ties were off anyway. So what is the point of wearing it?

Friday, November 14, 2008

That time of year

I love this time of year. I love putting up the christmas tree and most importantly, wrapping gifts... notice how I didn't say "buying gifts".

This year my family already got their presents when I landed back in South Africa - I asked... so, would you like your Christmas gift now or Christmas... obviously all opted for the GET NOW option. (It would've killed me anyway if I had to keep it stashed!)

I had to buy my sister's two banshees gifts, but that was fun. Now I still have to give gifts to the Leprechaun family - not so easy...

Who else hates going shopping during the busy season? I must admit that usually I buy gifts in October already - just so i don't have to spent time in the malls. Not only are the crowds horrendous, there is also the possibility of being robbed or shot... and I refer to Joburg mall being robbed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back and ready to write

My holiday was really awesome. I loved Europe - and missed my Leprechaun (just an itty-bitty).

I phoned him from Amsterdam and spent more than 40 minutes with my 10 euro phonecard chatting to Leprechaun. You can read all about my travels on Travelstart's blog!

Now that I'm all tanned and toned from walking almost 20km every day in Europe, I miss exercising. Since good old SA is not that safe, I invested in a little Wii to keep in shape. I have already had 1 injury while playing tennis!

Now that I'm back it is also time to start planning our wedding... sigh - I see my time and relaxed mood fading already! I'm definitely feeling the chocolate, cream and screaming pink theme for this event!