Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lessons of Life

One of the earliest lessons I learnt was from some guy that was madly in love with my sister (and that she was not even interested in).

We were all out with my parents on a 4x4 excursion and this guy tagged along. My sister completely ignored him and I felt sorry for him. We chatted quite a bit.

Then at the end of the day before he went home heartbroken he uttered one of the most profound lessons.

He said something like, "you are perfect, perfect personality, beautiful and I wish I had feelings for you". It might sound a bit harsh, but the jist is that no matter how perfect you are, sometimes you just aren't the one.


Anonymous said...

one can be so blind and cruel when young. You sometimes yonder for something else when you have it right under your nose.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is not the foolishness of youth that makes you so cruel - I believe it happens at all ages. With the after effects more prominent the greater the age.