Sunday, June 17, 2007

When the guy you thought is Mr Right, is not interested

You all know about this feeling called “rejection”. It sucks when a guy is not interested in you in that way. It hurts even more when he makes a date to see you and months later you are still hoping that he will actually pitch for date number 64.

I met this guy one night very late after a clubbing night. When I first lay eyes on him my heart missed a beat. The first time he kissed me, my heart stopped for a few minutes. Unfortunately since then I’ve only spoken to him via email and chat. I’ve made a few attempts to see him again, but… he always seem to be working.

I guess it’s time to realise that he is just not that into me, else I might get that feeling of “not being worth it” – and that would be totally untrue.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Home alone and getting drunk

I never used to drink wine. I never used to drink on my own. I never used to be on my own. Should I be worried about my new drinking habit?

I hate that I’m as pathetic as this and single. I sometimes just can’t handle the silence at home… so I try to relax. I drink 1 glass… and I fall asleep on the couch.

Yeah, I’m that cheap a date!

The emotional eater

Food and eating is not a comfort. It creates a vicious circle.

You are unhappy about being single, therefore you eat. You gain weight. Now you are single, fat and unhappy so you eat more.

I’m the first to admit that I’m an emotional eater. I weighed a lot 3 months back… I couldn’t fit into anything. I’m now almost my old size and can fit into most of my clothes. Yes, I do sometimes fall of the dieting wagon because I’m feeling umhappy, but then I gain a kg and get right back to the diet.

When your friends and you are a intimidating force to be reckoned with… and scare men away

What if that fabulous group of friends you hang with, intimidate men?

I’ve heard that it’s not all that appealing for men to have to walk up to a couple of girls to try and introduce himself to a woman that caught his eye. I tend to understand this.

So what now?
Guess you will have to sometimes leave the comfort of the group to give potentials the opportunity…

Or maybe you are, like me, of the opinion that if he doesn’t have enough balls now… then he just isn’t man enough.

That damn 10 year reunion… what will I do for a date?

I always wondered how it would be to go to my reunion. I never wondered on who I’ll need to ask to be my date for a weekend.

This is definitely not how I pictured the reunion scenario. Me being single 10 years after leaving school. Me being single 6 months after splitting from a 3 year relationship. I really did not imagine this.

The big question is if I’m brave enough to go alone or will I ask some random guy to drive a 1000km with me because I’m just too much of a coward? Mmm

Right now I’m swinging towards asking a random guy. 10 mins from now I’ll probably feel that it’ll just be a drag to have a guy there.

Date 18: The Born and Bred in Joburg Dude

I couldn’t resist adding the dude part. He had a ponytail. I cannot stand men with ponytails. I’m not sorry.

He was really nice. He didn’t mind my incessant talking about dieting. He came out of his shell a bit – after more than an hour, but … alas, I think the first impression was a killer.

The Explanation
I just din't feel the spark.

The Verdict

I actually cannot keep him as a friend – he just won’t fit into my circle.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

To long distance or not (continued 2)

I have to write this in as I finally met up with a guy that lives very very very very far.

He is a normal Afrikaans guy that owns a house not too far from mine, but he has decided to try Ireland 6 months ago. We’ve been chatting for a month and a half… and I’m meeting him in 2 weeks.

What have made me stay on this long distance chat so long?

I have to admit that I sort of developed an emotional connection with this guy that I’ve never met in person. I can’t wait to get home after work and seeing him online. Even better – he phones me every day.

The worst part about chatting to someone this long and never meeting is that you always start romantisizing them and when you finally meet you have put so much building up into it that ift can never match up to expectations –or can it?


When you’d rather try DIY before asking anyone for help
I’m woman enough to admit that I’ve never in my life picked up a real powertool, I have never even switched one on, but the mere thought of having to ask one of my male friends to help me in my new house was not that appealing.

I recently moved into my new townhouse just to find out that curtain railings and bathroom railings didn’t come standard! Yeah, your read it right – no curtain railings. I put up temporary material “curtains” with double sided tape and then bought a drill with drill bits and some screws and those wooden railings. I put up the kitchen and bathroom blinds. Obviously after the relative success I had I was feeling pretty psyched about putting up the railings in my bedroom and livingroom… BIG MISTAKE. I drilled the holes, but couldn’t get in deep enough as there seemed to be a metal plate! I then got really pissed off and drilled another hole… no luck. Now I have 3 holes that I patched up and I still need to repaint.

I still have no curtain railings.
When asking for help is inevitable
I really give up… maybe I was just not made to be a tool wielding amazon. I had to try tho.

I phoned my brother in law and by this weekend I will have everything up and living it up in yuppieville

When you can’t do something – ask for help. I know, its hard when its your pride that has made you refuse any help from the guys in your life or the cute neighbor guy.
Just because I’m a woman I will not stand for being ripped off!
I have noticed that as soon as I ask for a quote on something for my house I get quoted exorbitant fees. I’m sorry, but do men really think I’m stupid?

I’d rather do something myself and swear a lot than being ripped off!

Getting drunk but being streetsmart and safe
I really have become quite a party animal these days. I’m out every weekend. Get home in the wee hours and then hang out with my girlfriends some more.

At least I’m not sitting home alone wishing I’m not single… but how sober am I when guys try to pick me up when I’m drunk?

I have no idea on how to explain this, but when I’m drunk and having a goldfish memory night out I immediately sober up when a guy steps into my personal space. Its probably the best thing I’ve learnt or picked up over the years.

I never drive when I’m drunk. If I can’t walk so lekker on my heels – I will not drive. I usually order lots of cold water and try to grab something to eat. I know that drunk people usually aren’t responsible, but I have a very special kitten at home that depends on me.