Sunday, June 17, 2007

When the guy you thought is Mr Right, is not interested

You all know about this feeling called “rejection”. It sucks when a guy is not interested in you in that way. It hurts even more when he makes a date to see you and months later you are still hoping that he will actually pitch for date number 64.

I met this guy one night very late after a clubbing night. When I first lay eyes on him my heart missed a beat. The first time he kissed me, my heart stopped for a few minutes. Unfortunately since then I’ve only spoken to him via email and chat. I’ve made a few attempts to see him again, but… he always seem to be working.

I guess it’s time to realise that he is just not that into me, else I might get that feeling of “not being worth it” – and that would be totally untrue.

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berry said...

I sympathize with your dating blues. It is hard to meet that special One but it is better if things don’t work out if it was not meant to be. You don’t want to end up with someone for the rest of your life, only to discover too late that this person was not meant for you. Don’t rush love, it will find you in the most unexpected way.

Enjoy the journey because once you are married, your dating days are over for ever and only then will you realize what fun it was to meet new people. Doesn’t matter if they hurt, dumped or cheated on you, because you will end up with someone who loves you for who you are.

Trust me, it happens, but till then enjoy your serial dating.