Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 3 of Married Life

Now that everything has settled down i can finally relax during the Easter holidays. The family left for Ireland and there are no more scheduled braais and restaurants to visit, no more plans to make or people to phone to remind that they have to be at a specific place to do something, no more bachelors or loading pics onto Facebook. There literally is just the next lifetime to look forward to.

On a nice long weekend like this we like to do very little. We didn't visit with anyone - we went to the movies and watched movies at home. The husband worked (as he owns his own business) a little.

We are taking the teamwork thing to heart nowadays too - we wash clothes, hang it, pack the dishwasher religiously, torture the cat with lots of love and love having a series watching marathon.

You know what I love most about being in a committed relationship? That it is so much easier. Things just seem to fall into place and no nagging required (yet).