Friday, April 27, 2007

YuppieCouple - wanting a girl to keep them warm

The Invite 1:
Hi there, loved the profile and pics...... could we interest you in a glass of wine tonight? Monday I know but it will set the tone for a great week!
Have a look and let me know..........
L ;)

The Invite 2:
Hi there, I was wondering what you up to today and whether we could tempt you to join us for a drink? Loved the profile...... and the smile ;)

Their Profile:

Why should you get to know YuppieCouple?
GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are a very succesful young couple, and in a very secure and mature relationship, we have found a new zest for adventure and the exploration promises to be superb! We are open mided and easy going, join us on a trip, for an evening or a cup of coffee.........

She describes her ideal match thus:
A girl who enjoys the finer things in life and wants to experience more than the norm..... you should be comfortable with yourself and open minded.....

My response... block them!

Serial Dating Blunders (continued)

Scenario 9: Mr Nerd Alert
I feel pretty bad about this one… but I couldn’t make myself sit down at a table with a guy that wears a check shirt with a tie and a pee-pot hairstyle.
I just walked past and never contacted him again.

Scenario 10: Mr Mentally Unstable aka Mr Co-worker
Read the Dating Diaries, Mr Co-worker. This is a real gem of a story.

After 2 years of saying no to dates with this guy and using the excuse that I don’t date co-workers, I resigned from the company. On my final day I went ‘round saying goodbye to everyone including this guy.

Apparently when I was out of earshot, Mr Co-worker told everyone what a bitch I am and that he was glad that I am gone.

The weird thing is, he send me a sms asking me out for coffee and he phoned me to ask me out on a date the weekend after I left the company. I’m just glad I didn’t accept this psycho’s invites.

Scenario 11: Mr Doesn’t Get The Message aka Mr Co-worker
Read the Dating Diaries, Mr Co-worker – sorry, but this guy gave me a lot of material to write about!

This guy asked out every girl in one of my previous companies. If a girl says no… he’ll ask out the next one. If everyone says no, he would start again at the beginning.

He would take a simple greeting and think that is a come-on to ask you out.

Date 16: The Coffee Date (English guy)

Apparently I am the first girl he met off the internet but I won’t be the last one to find him a bit rude.

Why? He kept on checking out the cricket score. I know that I can hold down a conversation, but this was me against the score.

The Explanation:
Nice one asking a girl out for coffee and then watching cricket. All attention on the girl buddy. Thanks.

The Verdict

Date 17: The Drink-A-Jerkoff (English guy)

I seem to attract weirdos. Lots of them.

He got the compliments part right. As the night progressed Mr got turned on and thought that he could share that piece of information with me. Then he really stuck his foot in it by asking me if I would be willing to touch him. It got worse… when I declined “his generous offer”, he ased if he could jerk-off so we could continue the date.

The Explanation:
Guys, unless you know that a girl is the type to just do it with anyone – don’t share. Women are not there for your sexual pleasure. You will treat us with the utmost respect.

The Verdict
No. No. No. No. No. No. No…

When Mr Right is not all that right for you

Girl, listen up.

No man should ever lift a hand to a woman. If he does that – he is not a man. We call that a low-life bastard. Get the hell out of a relationship where you aren’t treated with respect. Where you have to cover up bruises and scars.

He won’t change – EVER. When a man hits a woman once, chances are a 100% that he will do it again – even if he apologises and promises to never do it again.

The second Mr Not-so-right scenario is just as bad, its emotional and devastating. Verbal and or psychological abuse. This is probably the most devastating form of abuse as it leaves scars where nobody can see.

If you are in a relationship where he makes you feel small and insignificant, it definitely means that you should get out.

Lets talk about you, the temptress, the no strings girl

Interesting subject. Mmm. I should maybe have added the heading as “The Orgasm Kicks Him Out Of Bed Syndrome”, but it might have looked like a really “dirty” book!

You want a man in your life – but not to date. You want him as a guy you can call with one request no matter what the time or day. Lets just say it – Its all about sex.

Why girls just do it with Mr Right-for-now
She’s lonely, sexually frustrated and open about it. She wants it and not him. She wants to orgasm and let go. She wants to cuddle and be kissed. She wants the companionship for a moment – but not long enough to have anything meaningful.

Where do girls meet men that are willing to service them?
Online, at clubs or even an old friend. Guys are easy and reckless. So if you really have to – just be safe.

Why girls could get hurt when it is all she wants
As a woman, no matter how much you try to deny it, you tend to get a little emotionally involved with people you have a long-term fling or sexual relationship with. That’s just how we were made.

Dating someone that you have to maintain a working relationship with

As much as I want to say that it is a bad idea to date someone that works with you or that has an affiliation to your office, I can’t.

The work environent is a great place to meet guys. Here you get to know more about them and they usually don’t try to impress you – so its more real. If you really think a guy is the one, take it slow and keep it on the low down at the office. You don’t want to be seen as the office flirt.

Unfortunately, if you do decide to take the plunge and get to know a guy from work better and it doesn’t work out… this is where it can really become very uncomfortable…

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Date 13: The Quiet One

A quick drink at a local Keg is just the thing to be able to realx and have a nice little conversation with a complete stranger you meet off the internet - right? WRONG! I tried the normal chit chat - it didn't work. Then I tried the obligatory... what do you do when you're not at work - that didn't work. Then I tried to finish my drink and get out of there pronto!

The Explanation
The best part of meeting new people this often is that you know exactly what you want... and don't want.

The Verdict
Maybe like never!

Date 12: The Coffee Date (English Guy)

Met Mr Coffee Date after work for a quick... coffee. I felt uncomfortable the whole 20 minutes. Things just didn't click - we had nothing in common that we felt comfortable exploring

The Explanation:
Dates where no talking occurs are usually not all that great.

The Vedict:
This was a absolute disaster (according to me).

Saturday, April 7, 2007


I’m not a professional, just a girl that had to heal my little broken heart a few lot of times. I can only give you my recipes for healing and hope that one will work for you.

You can do it!

Men are bastards. Plain and simple.

Yes, we love having them around – but we don’t need them. We, as women, are women enough to look after ourselves.

Say this out loud: I don’t need a man. I deserve to be treated with respect and love. No man is worth tears and heartache.

Put him in a box and close the lid!

At this stage you don’t want to throw anything away. You are probably half angry, half hurt and emotional.

Grab a box. Chuck all your little mementos that you have lying around your house, into that box. Place the box at the back of your cupboard or give it to a friend or family to keep until you are ready to open it again.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Messages I received from unsuitable candidates

Messages You've Exchanged with wildride27

On 2007-02-20 at 21:15:27, wildride27 wrote:
hi wanna explore and have sum fun with me........ if so .....mail me

_me_ wrote:
hey look, its a pervert looking like John Doe

On 2007-02-20 at 21:36:01, wildride27 wrote:
i am no perfert..........
i am just looking for a friend to have sum fun with and explore all boundries life has to offer. happy hunting

Messages You've Exchanged with whiterhino4u
On 2007-02-03 at 13:19:26, whiterhino4u wrote:
hi care to chat pls drop me a mail thanks a

On 2007-02-03 at 13:49:18, _me_ wrote:
Hi, I'm quite strict on my age and location criteria. Besides, you are 5 years younger than my dad. Sorry No

Messages You've Exchanged with Steven1
On 2007-02-02 at 22:02:20, Steven1 wrote:
Hi there, according to your profile we are not compatible, however i am writing to you anyway! My name is (censored), am a 43-year-old single guy living in (censored). I work in the newspaper industry[@]) as a (censored), which leads to some awkward working hours but I survive. I love coffee shops, art movies and supper, walks. Dislike braais and rugby talk. I am also a published writer of poetry, fiction and criticism. Last places on earth you would find me is being the centre of attention at a party or suspended from the sky in a handglider! I LOVE YOUR CAT!!!! would love to chat with u!

On 2007-02-03 at 10:57:56, _me_ wrote:
Hi (censored), Thank you for writing, but I really am quite strict on my age criteria - as I'm still into clubbing and the rest of the time I'm building a career and I know that people outside my criteria will not fit into my lifestyle. Good luck with your search.

Messages You've Exchanged with Snuggler
On 2007-02-05 at 19:35:53, Snuggler wrote:
..from your pic..and this cheaky look up your eyes...i knew you are an aries to!!!
We could be a good match.....shame the distance..but aries can handle any situation...

On 2007-02-05 at 19:53:53, _me_ wrote:
No we can't. I like things to be my way. That's why I have the criteria so strict. And where I said I adore my kitten I meant my 7kg cat does whatever he wants and gets away with it. sorry

Messages You've Exchanged with RM_PM
On 2007-02-02 at 16:59:35, RM_PM wrote:
Hey you!
I know this very old stone age trick. You see da woman, you hit da woman over da head and drag da woman to da cave. I don't want to hit you over your head, but I also don't have a cave!! How do I steal your heart without hitting you over da head??
So, I hope to hear from you soon??
ps. How could I not tell you how sexy you are?? You are very stunning and with that smile you can steal any mens heart!!!

On 2007-02-02 at 17:03:42, _me_ wrote:
Thank you for the compliment, but I really am strict on my age and location limit as I'm career focused and don't have the energy for long distance (15km and upwards).

Messages You've Exchanged with Lookinghot
On 2007-02-03 at 21:48:38, Lookinghot wrote:
Hey there sexy, what you up to? like to chat with your dream to come true ? You looking hot hot hot

On 2007-02-04 at 08:10:17, _me_ wrote:
listen here dude, unless you have a picture... I'm not hearing back from you. enjoy

Messages You've Exchanged with LadyPleaser
On 2007-02-05 at 08:15:38, LadyPleaser wrote:
hi there saw your profile ..looked great
im 37 white male sandton,,,,,
keen for some fun!!!!
wanna chat???

On 2007-02-05 at 08:24:12, _me_ wrote:
Thank you for your offer, but I think I'll decline.
Good luck

When a man is not man enough for you

When your friends and family warns you that a guy is not your type – usually thay are right.

I had to date a guy for 3 years to finally realise that I couldn’t stand him!

My “unmanly man” had these symptoms
• Fear of commitment
• Self-image issues
• Indecisiveness
• Whining was encourage above finding a solution

When you should realise it is enough (and walk out)
• When he can’t propose after 3 years.
• When he can’t buy a house or car because he can’t decide… for two years.
• When he says… you will be on the photograph with me – even if you are my floozy.
• When he yells at you and refuses to go for couples counselling.

The 101 on guys - continued

Mr Facial Hair
This might be just me – maybe I’m the strange one. I cannot ever date a guy with facial hair. It completely freaks me out. Stubble is ok – even sexy – a bushy mustache or beard is disgusting!

Mr Playboy/Smooth Operator
This guy will break your heart. Unfortunately, we all love a bad boy. He knows how to smooth talk his way into your head. He is ruthless when trying to acquire his next victim.

Mr Borderline Stalker
He asks you out – repeatedly. Walking past him and nodding a greeting is considered a come-on.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Why women have it easier online (than men)

It is definitely easier for women to meet men online.

Women online have it so much easier than men, as they can just publish a pretty pic on a dating website and voila... the fans and emails fill up their inboxes.
The poor guys on the other hand, have to email and do the woo-ing and hopefully get a reply.

I have to admit that I'm strict on the criteria I set... if he is too old, has facial hair (stubble is ok) or looks like a komodo dragon - I'm sorry, but NO - and I hit that block button!

I'm suspecting that men far outnumber women online. I wonder why.

When you have too little time (to date all the guys and look like a million dollars)

Being a career girl and all I sometimes feel that dating is more of a schlep than anything else.

I know I rarely touch up my make-up or hair if a date is after work - coz you know what... if you don't like me after a long day you won't like me after I've woken up. So sod off! I'm so not a prima donna with a face that consists of mainly make-up... So deal with it.

Dating days?
Monday - mmm I'd rather not
Tuesday - available for dates
Wednesday - I dunno hey, went out last night
Thursday - ok
Dating on a Friday is a no-no as this is my official friends night out.
Saturday - maybe
Sunday - no

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Why some people have success on a dating website

Take note if you aren't open to the experience of meeting new fiends and maybe the person of your dreams... you will have wasted your subscription money on a dating website.

To trust the online dating culture - or not?
My opinion? I would much rather email a person and maybe after a long, long, long while meet them.

Why? I guess I really hate that any guy can look me up and down and undress me with his eyes! At least online I can control what they see or get to know.

I will never apologise for loving my life and friends that I have online.

Online vs Real World life
In real live and online:
- you will meet nice people and then the not so nice people
- you could meet lunatics and stalkers
- the person of you dreams

Real World:
- you can hide your physical address
- or move house as much as possible
- but not your physical appearance
- or personality
- you'll only meet people where you are physically present

- you can hide your email address
- or open a new account
- you can hide your physical appearance
- have as many personas as you wish - or just one...
- you could meet people from right around the world

Monday, April 2, 2007

The challenge with Kevin Cadman

I've challenged Mr Cadman to go on a dating website for a month and meet some of the women... click here to read all about it.