Friday, April 27, 2007

Lets talk about you, the temptress, the no strings girl

Interesting subject. Mmm. I should maybe have added the heading as “The Orgasm Kicks Him Out Of Bed Syndrome”, but it might have looked like a really “dirty” book!

You want a man in your life – but not to date. You want him as a guy you can call with one request no matter what the time or day. Lets just say it – Its all about sex.

Why girls just do it with Mr Right-for-now
She’s lonely, sexually frustrated and open about it. She wants it and not him. She wants to orgasm and let go. She wants to cuddle and be kissed. She wants the companionship for a moment – but not long enough to have anything meaningful.

Where do girls meet men that are willing to service them?
Online, at clubs or even an old friend. Guys are easy and reckless. So if you really have to – just be safe.

Why girls could get hurt when it is all she wants
As a woman, no matter how much you try to deny it, you tend to get a little emotionally involved with people you have a long-term fling or sexual relationship with. That’s just how we were made.

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