Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Why some people have success on a dating website

Take note if you aren't open to the experience of meeting new fiends and maybe the person of your dreams... you will have wasted your subscription money on a dating website.

To trust the online dating culture - or not?
My opinion? I would much rather email a person and maybe after a long, long, long while meet them.

Why? I guess I really hate that any guy can look me up and down and undress me with his eyes! At least online I can control what they see or get to know.

I will never apologise for loving my life and friends that I have online.

Online vs Real World life
In real live and online:
- you will meet nice people and then the not so nice people
- you could meet lunatics and stalkers
- the person of you dreams

Real World:
- you can hide your physical address
- or move house as much as possible
- but not your physical appearance
- or personality
- you'll only meet people where you are physically present

- you can hide your email address
- or open a new account
- you can hide your physical appearance
- have as many personas as you wish - or just one...
- you could meet people from right around the world

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