Saturday, April 7, 2007


I’m not a professional, just a girl that had to heal my little broken heart a few lot of times. I can only give you my recipes for healing and hope that one will work for you.

You can do it!

Men are bastards. Plain and simple.

Yes, we love having them around – but we don’t need them. We, as women, are women enough to look after ourselves.

Say this out loud: I don’t need a man. I deserve to be treated with respect and love. No man is worth tears and heartache.

Put him in a box and close the lid!

At this stage you don’t want to throw anything away. You are probably half angry, half hurt and emotional.

Grab a box. Chuck all your little mementos that you have lying around your house, into that box. Place the box at the back of your cupboard or give it to a friend or family to keep until you are ready to open it again.

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Anonymous said...

You should rethink what you type...Men don't disrespect women and treat them bad. Men DO love women. A man would be proud to love a woman, and do anything and everything for her.

Male chauvinist....that's what you should be saying. These are the guys that are the pigs, and bastards.

Also, because a handful of guys treated you bad doesn't mean all of them will. There are some good guys out there.