Friday, April 27, 2007

Serial Dating Blunders (continued)

Scenario 9: Mr Nerd Alert
I feel pretty bad about this one… but I couldn’t make myself sit down at a table with a guy that wears a check shirt with a tie and a pee-pot hairstyle.
I just walked past and never contacted him again.

Scenario 10: Mr Mentally Unstable aka Mr Co-worker
Read the Dating Diaries, Mr Co-worker. This is a real gem of a story.

After 2 years of saying no to dates with this guy and using the excuse that I don’t date co-workers, I resigned from the company. On my final day I went ‘round saying goodbye to everyone including this guy.

Apparently when I was out of earshot, Mr Co-worker told everyone what a bitch I am and that he was glad that I am gone.

The weird thing is, he send me a sms asking me out for coffee and he phoned me to ask me out on a date the weekend after I left the company. I’m just glad I didn’t accept this psycho’s invites.

Scenario 11: Mr Doesn’t Get The Message aka Mr Co-worker
Read the Dating Diaries, Mr Co-worker – sorry, but this guy gave me a lot of material to write about!

This guy asked out every girl in one of my previous companies. If a girl says no… he’ll ask out the next one. If everyone says no, he would start again at the beginning.

He would take a simple greeting and think that is a come-on to ask you out.

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