Wednesday, April 4, 2007

When you have too little time (to date all the guys and look like a million dollars)

Being a career girl and all I sometimes feel that dating is more of a schlep than anything else.

I know I rarely touch up my make-up or hair if a date is after work - coz you know what... if you don't like me after a long day you won't like me after I've woken up. So sod off! I'm so not a prima donna with a face that consists of mainly make-up... So deal with it.

Dating days?
Monday - mmm I'd rather not
Tuesday - available for dates
Wednesday - I dunno hey, went out last night
Thursday - ok
Dating on a Friday is a no-no as this is my official friends night out.
Saturday - maybe
Sunday - no

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Anonymous said...

Making yourself available to date only twice per week and not at all over weekends gives the impression that you are dull, not adventurous and certainly don't have enough time for a relationship. Re-shuffle that schedule and come up with something better, please.