Sunday, June 3, 2007

To long distance or not (continued 2)

I have to write this in as I finally met up with a guy that lives very very very very far.

He is a normal Afrikaans guy that owns a house not too far from mine, but he has decided to try Ireland 6 months ago. We’ve been chatting for a month and a half… and I’m meeting him in 2 weeks.

What have made me stay on this long distance chat so long?

I have to admit that I sort of developed an emotional connection with this guy that I’ve never met in person. I can’t wait to get home after work and seeing him online. Even better – he phones me every day.

The worst part about chatting to someone this long and never meeting is that you always start romantisizing them and when you finally meet you have put so much building up into it that ift can never match up to expectations –or can it?

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