Saturday, June 16, 2007


Home alone and getting drunk

I never used to drink wine. I never used to drink on my own. I never used to be on my own. Should I be worried about my new drinking habit?

I hate that I’m as pathetic as this and single. I sometimes just can’t handle the silence at home… so I try to relax. I drink 1 glass… and I fall asleep on the couch.

Yeah, I’m that cheap a date!

The emotional eater

Food and eating is not a comfort. It creates a vicious circle.

You are unhappy about being single, therefore you eat. You gain weight. Now you are single, fat and unhappy so you eat more.

I’m the first to admit that I’m an emotional eater. I weighed a lot 3 months back… I couldn’t fit into anything. I’m now almost my old size and can fit into most of my clothes. Yes, I do sometimes fall of the dieting wagon because I’m feeling umhappy, but then I gain a kg and get right back to the diet.

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Thorny Rose said...

Oh boy I can so relate to 'drinking alone' part. It seems to be a trend girlfriend so just go ahead and don't stress until you feel the need to 'top up' in the morning okay.

Another tip you may find useful is to not drink half a bottle of Old Brown Sherry on your own to keep the cold at bay and then proceed to have a 2 hour phone conversation with your best male 'friend' in which you tell him that you would like to shag him one day ... trust me, not a good idea...