Saturday, June 16, 2007

Date 18: The Born and Bred in Joburg Dude

I couldn’t resist adding the dude part. He had a ponytail. I cannot stand men with ponytails. I’m not sorry.

He was really nice. He didn’t mind my incessant talking about dieting. He came out of his shell a bit – after more than an hour, but … alas, I think the first impression was a killer.

The Explanation
I just din't feel the spark.

The Verdict

I actually cannot keep him as a friend – he just won’t fit into my circle.

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Richard Catto said...

I loathe men with ponytails. Even just long hair offends me. Piercings and tattoos are utterly taboo.

I don't want to spend a second of my time in the company of people like that.

I'm not open-minded about these things. I don't have to be.