Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Messages that never sink in

Two years... one would think that after 2 years of being turned down the message would've been clear...

I have had an admirer for 2 years now. Unfortunately... this person never gets that we are not meant to be - ever. He has asked me out numerous times. Everytime I say no, he goes into sulk mode... and ignores me (yeah!) but after a week or 2 the cycle starts again.

His modus operandi:
Innocent sms
No response encourages aanother 2 or 3 sms
The 3rd sms will always be another date request
You say... just friends... you get a nasty sms
then the sms stop
a few weeks later... and it starts all over again

I have now resorted to extreme tactics. I have tried being nice, but this has got to stop. I no longer will be accepting any communication from this guy. I will even go as far as barring his number.

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