Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Have you ever wondered why you always seem to end up alone and reeling from a rollercoaster relationship?

I used to wonder why I only seem to attract guys that are needy or that have some sort of an "issue". I now know that it is because we cannot let go of the past. We as humans carry baggage until we die ... unless of course you are willing to spend hours talking to a shrink and let go of things that are anyway beyond your control.

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Anonymous said...

I dissagree

Yes, we all have baggage and issues from past hurts and dissappointments. But there is no reason why we should hang on to them and take them out on the people we are trying to love.

I believe there is not one person on this earth who does not go to through rejection or dissappoint some time in life. And some poeple wear those scarrs on their faces.

But then you also get people who seem very relaxed and comfortable with themselves. Does that mean they never got hurt? Or just that they chose to work through the pains, deal with the issues and leave the past behind?