Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How old is old enough to get married?

In my opinion, 18 really is too early to think of marriage, maybe 22 is old enough, maybe not. You haven't done anything yet but go to school @ 18. You haven't gone to university or college, nor have you really grown into the person you will be for the rest of your life. Besides... marry young, get kids young @ 18... it just sounds like kids trying to play house with little dolls.

Don't get me wrong, there might be 1 in 50 million that can actually do the get married before your ears dried thing successfully, but... it takes work, patience, experience and a whole lot of other things.

My advice to parents and big sisters and brothers that see their siblings go down this road blindly - send them to this blog. :)

So, I've now been a Mrs for 2 weeks now. Long time if you ask me. I'm back all tanned and brown from our beach wedding in Mozambique. Loved it, had some really beautiful pics taken and my family and friends LOVED my wedding - no stuffy speeches or getting dressed in anything fancy.

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