Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nowhere slowly

Apparently after you hit 150 days, days just fly right past. I'm now on 95 days and can't wait to get my feet on the plane and onto European soil.

My backpack has the essentials. Unfortunately I cannot take Mr Genie or my F I A N C E... but I'm sure they'll appreciate me even more when I get back!

I'm so excited that I can barely stop thinking of all the things I'm going to see.

BTW. I have waited more than 3 years to finally book. I know that you are asking yourself why - right?
Well, we all know that my previous ex was a bit of a non-commiting, non-decisive person ... and that is why this time I've put down my foot (not even hard) and said that I am doing this. So, in your face MR Maybe Sometime Uh I Dunno!

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Anonymous said...

How many days do you have left?