Monday, May 26, 2008

The crazy cat

I have a cat for those that don't know, apparently he is crazy too and bigger than most house cats.

My fiance is allergic to cats, but Mr Genie (His Royal Highness, The Cat) has won the favor of my fiance with his insane moments.

If, you have never had a cat - like my fiance, then suddenly you have to live with one, you will learn that you always have to feed, scratch, love and get out of the way of the crazy speeding cat.

Last night however, Mr Genie ran around a bit and then it went quiet. Naturally I was worried, because it menas he usually is up to something bad. Apparently he decided that since it is the coldest night of the year yet, he wants to sleep in the kitchen basin.

Yes, I know - it is crazy. I took him to his Cat Cave and a few minutes later... he was right back in the basin! I dragged him back to his cave :)

This morning he woke me at 4am for cookies by scratching the bed and making as much purring sounds close to my head as possible.

You got to love cats for being so damn smart!

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