Thursday, August 23, 2007

What is sexier than a man in a kitchen?

I cannot stress enough that a man in the kitchen is sexy. They always look so adorable in an apron and with that smile they have when they know that you are watching.

Tales of men in kitchens:

A previous ex I dated was a messy cook. Whenever he cooked – he used to dirty up the whole kitchen. I could never understand why… until one day I realized that maybe it was because he knew that somebody would clean it up.

One of the more unsuccessful kitchen gods and I tried to make a milktart… unfortunately neither of us have ever done the tart thing before. Needless to say… the tart didn’t look all that well and neither one of us wanted to be the guinea pig to taste it.

I think the best cook I have ever dated was the Italian. Italians make great pasta. I love pasta – what can I say. Unfortunately I liked his pasta more than I him.

Once I started seeing a chef – but the weird thing is… he never cooked for me. I wonder why.

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