Thursday, August 23, 2007

To be a cautious dater or not…

I bet you have made yourself guilty of throwing caution to the wind when you think you met Mr Right – on a first date.

What if you could just wait a few dates before proclaiming your undying devotion – do you really think that it would make a difference in his life?

What if you get too serious too soon and you awaken the fear (all) men have? (The fear of commitment.)

What if you waited and you realize that he is not The One – don’t you think that you could save yourself from a lot of heartache (by waiting)?

My advice (once again):
Get to know the person. Take your time. Hopefully he’ll stick around because he really likes you (– else, why would you want to date him anyway). What if he actually falls in love with you for the real person you are – would that be such a terrible thing?

Or would you prefer to jump right in and maybe just have him in your life because you are just so damn easy?

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