Thursday, August 23, 2007

How to have the perfect first date

Yes, the headline is correct. I actually said it on this blog - How to have a perfect first date...

1 x decent person that you are interested in (very important)
1 x venue that you are comfortable at
1 x time of date
1 x plan of action when it comes to dinner
1 x guide with boundaries

The person:
In case said person has not asked you out on a date (but you know he/she is interested) - do the asking out.

The asking out on a date:
Facebook/email/sms/phone person.
Work it into a conversation.
Get answer.
Set date and time.

Restaurant, movies (public places if you don't know eachother)
The "homecooking" home date (if you know the guy)

The intimate home date - at your house:
Dinner... if you aren't a cook, then Woolies is your saving grace else woohooo, you are a homely kitchen goddess.
Drinks... at least make sure you have what he likes in the house.
Dessert... (not you) something sweet (again, not you)

The public venue date:
(If you don't know this one by now you have probably not dated in a long long long loooong time.)

The boundaries (or as like to call it, my book of extreme rules):
I have always advised the no physical thing on a first date to maybe the third date.

The whole "sinister" reason behind my all important no sex rule:
Do you really want to sleep with a guy just because you are high on some chemical your brain has produced - or would you first like to get to know someone?
Maybe after date two you think - what a loser or you think... mmm I do like (still).


Anonymous said...

"Maybe after date two you think - what a loser."
Man, it never ceases to amaze me how cold and heartless and selfish women are. It's extremely rare to meet a man who is this cruel towards/about a woman after a date, no matter how badly the date went. Sorry, but I can't just so casually toss people aside like yesterday's trash. But this doesn't bother me though. Not a bit. It's the *hypocrisy* of *pretending* to be the 'loving/caring/fair gender' at the same time that is so ugly. Then again, maybe there really are millions of serious 'losers' out there that deserve to be treated like garbage. Since I'm not in the habit of dating men I don't know what women go through.

Anonymous said...

Commenter 1

If a girl went through enough "I`m your hero" dates where the guy used her and moved on, you become over causious not to give men too much credit before you get to know them first.

Obviously, not all men are like that just like not all girls see men the way our blogger does. But out of my own personal experience- it took 8 losers before I got to 1 absolutely fabulous "keeper".

And I`m sure you dated a few stuck up or pretensious or self centred girls before you got to a girl you would like to intruduce to your parents?

Sabina said...

It's also good to take her out to somewhere cozy say your local coffee shop, just to have a relax ambient. It's better for you to get to know each other when u go somewhere that is not crowded :)