Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anyone for a bizcard?

What would you do if you got handed a guy's business card?
You have never met him. He lives in your complex. He has obviously seen you entering your house.

This is my take on it.
Don't sent me your business card - I don't want to do business with you.
Thank you for adding your unit number - I'll be sure not to go knocking on your door.

In short guys, if you want to meet a girl in your complex - try introducing yourself in person.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, someone merely gives you a business card and your response is "ARE YOU STALKING ME YOU FREAK?!" Calm down! Seriously, look at that again ... sorry but that's not a normal response. OK, I didn't see the guy, or the context that surrounded the giving of this business car, maybe it was the way he looked at you or something that made you think "stalker", maybe you were having a really bad day etc. ... but from this viewpoint your reaction looks *wildly* out of proportion, and honestly it just makes you look like the crazy one. It's *just* a business card. I can almost guarantee he's not a stalker (real stalkers are _incredibly_ rare, although I realise in our culture the word has been debased to become a casual insult for virtually "any guy interested in a woman who isn't interested in him"). Either: (a) he might just see you as a potential customer, (b) it's just his way of saying "give me a call if you want to meet and chat" without wanting to come on too strong or put you in the uncomfortable position of having your phone number etc. requested, or (c) he's not really interested in you and has hardly given it a second thought.

Or maybe you just call almost everyone a "stalker"? I don't know.

Why not introduce yourself to him? (Even if it doesn't "go anywhere", at least you'll know your neighbours better and might have someone else to call in an emergency etc.) Do you think the onus must always on the guy to make the introductions? If so, that's fine, but then it's easy: Just ignore it, because you already know he's not for you. Unless you start getting strange phone calls in the middle of the night with heavy breathing, it's a bit too soon to start throwing around "stalker" labels.


Susann Deysel said...

... if only he didn't sent one of the security guards to deliver..

I have not met the guy. I'm suspecting he watches me from the block opposite me - and that freaks me out.

Anonymous said...

Sent the security guard over? OK, that definitely sounds at least a little 'weird' ... he left his intentions entirely unclear, he should have spoken to you at least. You sure he didn't 'send' his business card to everyone in the complex, or something? I can't imagine why someone would send someone to give you their business card. Does sound rather freakish. (I presumed he had given it to you in person, e.g. you'd bumped into one another or something.)

If you have a 'feeling' you're being watched, there's probably something to that :/, although I still think calling someone a "stalker" is rather extreme and is something that should only be reserved for serious stalking situations. (Women these days throw the word around onto anyone and everything male that they just don't like, it's absurd. I understand women have to deal with a lot of genuine freaks and weirdos, but there's a big difference between a 'freak' and a 'stalker'; if I was really "stalking" someone I reckon the last thing I'd do is give them my name, address, phone number and company I work for right off the bat.)

Whatever - he's obviously put you in an uncomfortable situation with some idiotic odd behaviour. Does sound like a freak.