Friday, August 10, 2007

The Male Flirt

Now this was a interesting specimen of the male species to study. He flirts like a girl and effortlessly darts between the girls he flirts with. Some girls might not mind being one of many... but let's say this out loud - no way!

At a birthday dinner, I had the pleasure of meeting one of these flirtatious men.
His modus operandi is:
- smiles into your eyes
- eye contact is direct and lingering
- talks only to you (for a few minutes)
- then moves on
- later, when you think... what ever - he returns to repeat the cycle

I'm sure he has perfected the art of reading body language and tell tale signs like pupils that enlarge...

It was interesting to observe the darting buttefly move by a man.

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mshaw said...

I've never visited your blog before but after today I'll be back.