Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spending time together

After almost 2 years of dating the Leprechaun and I are still having fun. We have just had a long weekend and decided to stay at home with my beloved Mr MooKow.

Our first day off, get DSTV on again – after 6 months they might have new programmes one. I watch TSN and Zone Reality... and my Leprechaun... Hallmark, Action and Series.

Day two – there was a day two? I think we washed clothes and stayed in watching DSTV. Lame, I know.

Day three – awesome, we went shopping and had lunch with his mom.

Day four – put up the new clothes line and discover the new blind from Makro has no strings. Very disappointed and iffed off about that blind – returning it this weekend.

Mr MooKow (the cat) enjoyed having his minions around.

PS. Will answer the questions on Friends & Neighbours blogpost on my next post!

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