Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking for another pea for your pod?

After some really weird conversations these last few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that some of my guy friends are insane.

They complain when they are single but would find the smallest fault with the women that they are interested in / getting involved with. The worst part, I sometimes think that some of the guys should rather get a doll - she would be perfect. Won't complain, won't nag, would be almost on the same intellectual level...

Then this weekend I went out with one of my oldest girlfriends in Pretoria. We had a fabulous time out at some club. Obviously my dancing queen days are only a distant memory, but we had a ball on the dance floor.

We later joined 3 guys at their table, 1 married, 1 heartbroken and the other from the UK. It was a fun night where we had company but didn't want to get into our panties - imho, a bonus.

Afterwards we went home and talked about the good old days where we still worried about going to a club like that and worried about picking up men. Those were the (not so good) old days!

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