Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What does compatibility have to do with love and relationships?

How difficult is it to date someone that is the complete opposite of you? Will it work in the long run? Won't you just get fed up with having to have to deal with a short tempered or completely chilled person?

Will your relationship last? Will you have the patience and will to make your relationship succeed? (- or will you give up and move on?)

Obviously I'm writing a post on this as I have noticed that my boyfriend is the complete opposite of me. I have a short temper and don't really have any patience (as patience is not a virtue, but rather for people with too much time on their hands), nor do I function all that well when things don't go as planned - but on the other hand I can think on my feet and get things done when I need to.

Now the obvious next question is - how do laid back people cope with dating the aries type?

BTW - this is post 101 :)

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