Monday, January 28, 2008

Would you share your last Rolo?

Soon it will be Valentine's day and many people will flock to retail outlets to spoil their Valentine with a romantic (and expensive) gift. Some will spend the night wining and dining in restaurants that will exclusively be filled with couples.

But really, wouldn't you just rather have a "last Rolo moment"? Remember the advert with the animated characters where they share the Rolo? The one character says, "It's my last one, but you can have it." They also had another advert with a a guy and girl sitting in the cinema, the guy proceeds to give the girl the last Rolo, but then a babe sits down next to hima and he tries to get the Rolo out of the girl's mouth.

The Rolo advert have always stuck in my mind. It was such an endearing advert. One that almost made you go out and buy a packet. There is something about being able to share "the last Rolo", but what if you don't have anyone you can share it with? Do you just avoid the last Rolo and gobble it up quickly or save it for the day you actually may stumble upon someone you would like to share it with?

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