Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When can I start feeling young again?

30. It really is a big number.

I can still remember my 21st birthday. Standing in the kitchen making all the snacks with my then boyfriend. My best friend arriving late and cleaning out the plates - while talking more than everybody put together.

On my 25th I got horribly drunk on red wine with one of my dearest friends. The poor guy even offered to help me puke (really disgusting, isn't it?). The next day I had a hell of a hangover.

My 28th was fabulous. 5 girls on holiday in Ballito. The night out... the drinks were cheap and I got a lot of free drinks. I was really drunk - at least I had no hangover the next morning.

Why is it that when you turn 30 (or older) it really is just a depressing affair? Don't bs me and tell me I should have a big party because it will make it all better. BS. It won't turn back time, therefore I really don't need to hear "aaah the big 3 0..." wow.

Anyway, if you are still young enough to think birthdays are fun, sod off and go stand in a corner. You make me sick. Speak to me when you turn 30.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy 30 while you can. It's the real inbetween from your 20's to your 30's. And you only really feel it when you hit 31...then when you are 34.
I had planned my life to the full up to 27. Finish studies by 24. Be married before 25, have kids before 30. And now in the 30's what is exactly left?
From your blog, you have a lot going. Don't let a bit of depression get you down. At least our lives don't have to end once we reach 30.
Hope you feel better soon!!