Monday, June 14, 2010

Comfort Zones

Human nature dictates that we settle into patterns. These patterns become a way of life for us and we like the comfort of being able to know what to expect - but what does it really mean.

Slipping into a comfortable pattern life means one thing only, you have stagnated in your life/relationships and you are basically in a rut.

Stepping out of our little comfort zones seems daunting and therefore we mostly prefer staying put.

I'm one of those people that loves the comfort of what my patterns bring. I appreciate knowing what to expect, but sometimes the daily patterns really irritate me.

I get up at 5am, get to work by 6 and work till 2, then go home and grab lunch before leaving for fitness activities by 4 and get home by 6, watch TV for the rest of the night and start the whole process over again. It sucks.

I've decided to do 1 thing a month that I would never have done before - should you not do the same?

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