Monday, June 21, 2010

So who has who wrapped around their pinkies?

I know the cat has me wrapped around his little kitty toe - but exactly how much do the humans get away with in this relationship?

So, we have 2 evil humans sometimes ganging up on a helpless kitty ( and sometimes it is me and Mr Genie against the Leprechaun. Mostly it is me and Kitty bitching at the Leprechaun.

On the other hand, we have a Leprechaun that gets away with way too much. He never has to explain why he comes home late after work. He doesn't always have to cook (and I distinctly remember him promising he would do that forever and ever). Kitty and I let him sleep on the bed...

Mr Genie on the other hand always gets away with everything. He just has to miaaw and mommy is there. He never gets a hiding - even though I know he is an evil little child.

I guess we all have a little bit of everyone wrapped around their pinkies - which really makes it nice :)

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