Thursday, February 15, 2007

The 101 on guys (Part 2)

Mr Cool
Always hiding behind his beloved labels. Not a bad choice if you had to date someone. Be sure to pack your jacket for long nights at friends and clubs.

Mr Almost-perfect
He has the brains, the bod, the personality - but no spark. Don't date him. Make him set you up with his buddies. Good guys like this have great friends! Maybe you have a single girlfriend that will be perfect for him too!

Mr Blind Date
Just say NO! Under no circumstances should you go on a blind date. NEVER EVER! If your friends pressure you into one of these horrific situations - run for the hills. If you do decide to be brave - meet in a group situation (go to a club with friends).

Mr Perfect (The Elusive One)
To meet this very rare commodity you will need to meet as many as possible guys. Date them if necessary. Mr Right will cross your path when you are in a relationship. Guaranteed.

Mr Money
The following comes to mind...
Big flashy car. Fat/ugly/conceited/delirious.
He will try to impress you with what money can buy - if you are not shallow enough, swim to the other end of the room. If you do decide money is more important than love - good luck on waking up to that.

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