Thursday, February 15, 2007

Your Competition (Part 1)

The Golddigger
This specimen is the worst of them all. She will lie. She will sleep with anyone that has more money than her. She will never let go if she has her clutches in your man. Avoid these creatures! Tar and feather them - show no mercy.

Miss Super Sweet Sexy Flirty
Sigh. If you happen to go up against this one you will need to use every trick in the book. She has it all. The easy-going flirtiness oozes out of her. She probably has a look she gives guys that drives them crazy.

Miss Over-easy
Do I need to explain this one? She'll spread 'em. She'll get down and nasty in 5 minutes flat. Guys use her and forgets about her.

Miss I'm-so-loud
Every guy's best friend. She's loud and proud. She is also a shrewd little bitch that'll stab you in the back with a smile on her face.

Miss Bootylicious
She shows more skin than you have on your entire body. Her boobs are huge and in your face. It's ok, most men prefer to be able to hold 'em, so her watermelons may not have the effect she had hoped for.

Miss Natural Beauty
She doesn't look like a doll - but she has the X-factor. She has a beautiful smile; sparkling eyes; hour-glass figure; great hair;
The worst of it all, she is unaware of her beauty.
1 in a million women fall into this category, but they are super hard to beat. Guys love them. They can take her to the rugby or to a ball. She stands out from those that have to spend hours trying to look like her.

The Airhead Doll
Guys love this one. They date 'em, but never marry 'em.

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