Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How do you know if your offline date was successful?

How do you know that the great date you thought you just had was really successful?

During the date:
• You had lots to talk about.
• He paid attention to what you said.
• Both of you flirted. (hopefully with eachother)
• He remembered that you had this funny line on your profile.

At the end of the date:
• Did he walk you to your car?
• Did he ask if he could see you again?
• Did you have a smile on your face?
• Did he have a smile on his face?

Whatever you do – don’t kiss him or shake hands, rather just touch his arm for a second too long and smile. That is the best advice anyone can give you – promise. I have used this a million times - he’ll love that you touched him and wonder what it would be like kissing you.

In the next 24 hours:
• Did he email/ sms / call you to say thank you for the date?

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