Sunday, February 18, 2007

Serial Dating Blunders (Part 1)

We all get them – the duds of the dating world. Your worst nightmare, to be stuck at a table for an hour and no escape without being rude. My advice – ditch the dud! If you have to escape through the kitchen door or bathroom window – do it! The phone call trick does not work anymore – these duds know these tricks!

Scenario 1: Mr I Lied About My Height (English Guy)
He gets out of his car… is he still not standing upright? Why is his head barely visible above the car? He said 1.70 – 1.78… but he is more like 1.60! I know I mentioned I’m tall and I like wearing heels. Maybe I neglected mentioning that I’m tall like an Amazon Warrior!

Ok, fine, maybe we can be friends so lets have a glass of wine and chat.
Argh! The whole 2 hours he tried to play footsie. He nearly ruined my sandals!

Scenario 2: Mr “Smooth” Operator (Afrikaans Guy)
I’ll admit this upfront. My worst dating experiences have always been with Afrikaans guys – and I’m Afrikaans.

The date started out ok… for the first hour or so it was ok. Nice restaurant close to home; Escape routes are everywhere – or so I thought.
Maybe the second glass of wine got to him – maybe it was just his true colors or maybe he is a pervert trying to get his claws into me.

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