Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dating continued (Dates 5 - 9)

Date 5 and 6: Mr Pet Owner (English/Afrikaans Guy)
Finally, a guy that owns a cat! We went for drinks. He seemed fine – so I’ll probably go on a lunch date with him.
Lunch was great – if you didn’t count the number of times that the silence got too much! Sigh, and I thought he was a possibility!

The Explanation:
We had little in common. Actually we had only our cats in common.

The Verdict:
No. Maybe the cats could go on a play date.

Date 7: Mr Selfish Lawyer (English/Afrikaans Guy)

I, I, I, I,… two hours of torture. I tried to escape, but I guess that everybody else had tried escaping his monotonous

The Explanation:
I still thought I was prettier than him.

The Verdict:

Date 8: The Playboy (English Guy)

I met this really hunky guy at a cocktail bar in Rivonia. We hit it off immediately. We even set up a second date.
The second date was terrible. He pitched up late (strike 1) he was tipsy (strike 2) he got fresh the minute he walked in the door (strike 3) and then he was outta there.
2 years later he contacted me to see if I’m still unattached. Poor guy.

The Explanation:
Looks doesn’t make the guy. Get that? He was pretty and not ruled by his brain. I want more than The Playboy.

The Verdict:
Yeah, that was not fun.

Date 9: Mr Co-Worker (Afrikaans Guy)

You’ve all had that guy that works with you that has a crush on you – right? The guy that asks you out a million times in 2 years…

We’ve been friends for awhile so I thought I could convince him that it’s normal to rather want to be my friend – so I accepted an invite for coffee after work.
After all the chit chat about daily things I got asked the question that I was really dreading. “So, why don’t we try the dating thing?” That question meant the end of our friendship – I had to say no.

The next day I received an email from him saying he wasn’t relationship material! Big surprise.

The Explanation:
Friends are so much more important than a boyfriend and if a friend can’t hear what you are saying, then he isn’t a friend.
The worst was that he let his bruised ego end a perfectly good friendship.

The Verdict:
I’m sorry I lost a friend, but not that I wouldn’t date him.

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