Monday, February 19, 2007

Serial Dating Blunders (Part 2)

Scenario 3: Mr Wrong On All Levels
This is a legendary tale that a whole lot of people would love to erase from their memory.
My cousin was set up on this blind date by a friend of hers. The friend apparently met this guy on a sms flirt thing – and she thought this guy was so fantastic and she just had to introduce him.

Poor cousin eventually said yes to this fateful date but with the understanding that it would happen in a public place with me and a friend. The day finally arrived and the guy pitched up…

Imagine this… short guy walking under an umbrella; his buttocks protruding to such an extent that his height might’ve been equal to that.
We ordered alcoholic beverages to try soften the extreme shock of this guy’s appearance. We ordered more drinks to try and survive the torture of his incessant bragging.

At the end of the date my (by now half-irritated, half-furious) cousin informed the guy that she is NOT interested. Then he turned around and asked if he could have my number. Needless to say… we will never forget BubbleBum.

Scenario 4: Mr I Still Live @ Home (and I’m over 25)
On paper, apparently, everyone seems normal. On a coffee date almost every guy gets a 0 for communication skills due to the fact that they never had to let go of the apron strings!

I met one of these creatures. He was 26, living at home and had no social skills.
Also, the picture that was on his profile… must’ve been taken in his teens – before he lost 60% of his hair!

Needless to say – this was a dud date.

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