Friday, March 2, 2007

Being single and fabulous at it!

A fabulously gorgeous girl like you needn’t ever stay at home. Phone a friend, hop into your car and go have a cocktail at a hip and happening venue.

Get your social life on track and learn to go to events without a man. Go to “girl’s night out” events – you get snacks and a goodie bags!

Unfortunately there is this day called Valentine’s Day. You may seriously consider calling in sick for the day. Don’t. Book a DVD; Make yourself a candlelit dinner; Take a bubble bath with candles; Go to a live sporting event (there are sure to be few couples and loads of single people).

The point is, you had a life before you dated your last ex. You could have the same now. You just need to get out there and build yourself again. If it means to have a makeover and going to a spa day, then do it!

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post more on this topic please!