Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Oozing Sophistication" at a networking event

When you are single and new in the world of "chatting up men" I definitely recommend that you go to a "geek event".

Why I recommend going to networking events:
- you'll learn new stuff about technology
- have ample opportunity to network (if you may ever need a geek's professional services)
- opportunity to practise those chatting up skills

How to network with geeks:
Just say hello (what did you think?), introduce yourself and ask them what they into or networking for. (Surprisingly this was easier than going to a advertising people networking event.)The guys were quite easy-going and didn't mind explaining things or chatting to 3 cute non geeky girls!

Why I enjoyed the "networking":
Obviously I spoke to some interesting technorati that are very passionate about blogging, linux and social media etc.

The best part of the evening - I definitely flirted with just one very cute guy and this was also the very first time in my life that I actually introduced myself to a guy! (Unfortunately he is attached ladies.)

Quote: "We're just oozing sophistication" Rhoda

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