Monday, March 12, 2007

How to write an award winning profile for a dating website

Whatever you choose to write, be honest about yourself and the things you want.

This is the profile description I used. It’s honest, shows vulnerability, but firmly states my lifestyle – most importantly, I tell them that they will have to ask if they want to know more. (The call to action.)

Remember, online the guys have choice and you need to market yourself honestly and effectively. Either a guy will love what he reads and become a fan or hate it and move along – either way, you win.

More about me... mmm… I know for sure that I'm extremely private and don't really talk about myself.
I'm a designer and am addicted to my notebook. I adore my kitten. (so if you don't like cats... go to the next profile)
I love it when it rains but hide under the covers when the thunder gets too hectic. I'm scared of the dark, small spaces and crowds at big blow-out sales. I don't like to gym - but I do some excercise. I love the smell of lavender and roses; and the taste of good juice and chocolates.
I can make delicious baked chocolate pudding but I suck at making really good food.
I have a shy smile with one big dimple - and it always makes my blue eyes twinkle.
My soul loves listening to Jamie Cullum and sometimes even some LIVE. I write a bit of poetry and read my news online.
... thats it. The rest you will have to ask.

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